Wai Hong Brothers waterproffing & roofing specialist

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Remarkable Strength, Superb Workmanship

Wai Hong Brothers Sdn. Bhd. started in 2001. The company's office and warehouse were set up in the Seri Kembangan Light Industrial Plant in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, with three factories taking up a total area of 4,500 square feet.

WHB was founded by Tan Su Kim and Tan Soo Fong, two brothers who followed their father Mr. Chen Fu’s footstep in the construction industry, thus boasting of solid construction experience and background.

The projects we undertake include water proofing, roof leaking, gutter, waterproof injection and other related fields.

We undertake projects from general and high-end residences, apartments, factories, shops, hotels, auditoriums etc. The scope of our repair projects covers all sorts of building leakage problems throughout the whole of West Malaysia.

Professional Team of 300 Experts to Solve Your Leakage Woes! 

In order to ensure more efficient services, out of a huge team of 300 professionals with 40 trucks of 1-ton to 2- ton at our disposal, we arrange our people into various small groups, with each group led by an experienced project leader. With this type of flexible arrangement, we have managed to achieve the highest record of 27 projects in one day.

With more than 70% of our team members being skilled technicians, each of whom has received professional technical training, we do 100% of the projects undertaken by the company on our own, without any outsourcing. Boasting of 300-strong skilled team members, we are hailed as the largest and most professional leak-proof maintenance team in Malaysia.

Our technicians exhibit a strong spirit of teamwork, cooperating and working together seamlessly. No matter the size of the project, they are all out to do their best to make every project drip-proof!


Accumulating Solutions Like an Encyclopedia


In the ISO 9001 quality management system, we organize various solutions into documents, including the all our experience in repair projects. This set of solutions, optimized and enriched over the years, acts like an encyclopedia of solutions to water leakage.

For instance, whenever our technicians solve a newly encountered problem, they must report to the company in detail, share their experience and insights with other technicians as well as valuable construction experience and wisdom with others.

This is a built-in measure for the WHB technician team to quickly accumulate experience and for us to enhance our competitiveness, so as to build a strong team with the most exquisite and techno- logically advanced leak-proof technology in the market, thereby establishing a sterling reputation for the Wai Hong Brothers brand!


Full Safety Management Measures per CIDB Guidelines 


Lea-proof repair works is risky because technicians may face unexpected risks at any time during the construction process. To optimize construction risk management, the company provides full preventive measures and education for all technicians.

We hold a CIDB G5 certification and follow strictly the National Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB) guidelines. We send every technician to receive professional training, including the knowledge and practice on construction safety measures.

Besides providing full knowledge on safety precautions, we also equip our employees with adequate safety gears, always urging them to take comprehensive safety measures to ensure that they complete each project safely.